Yasok Village Home Stay

Picturesque Homestay Village in Nepal with the history of Limbu Cultures!

Yasok is a very beautiful and Picturesque Homestay Village in Nepal with the history of Limbu cultures & traditions. If you are in search of authentic homestay village in Nepal which offers you the complete experience of Nature, Culture & the Adventure; then Yasok Village homestay has all these things to offer you. The beautiful scenery of Yasok Village, vibrant cultures of Limbu people and on the religious side renowned Kirati temples known as Kummayak and Kusayak make your Yasok Village Homestay visit worthy! Once in every three year Trishali Mela is organized as a major and notable event in the village to bring all peoples at one place in the region!

When travelling to Yasok Village Homestay, you will have chance to pass through the rolling hills of Tea Garden in Ilam (One of the largest tea garden in Asia) and the town of Phidim which is gateway for Mt. Kanchenjunga (the 3rd Highest Mountain in the World)! One the way you will have chances to see the majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with the deep down valleys, rivers and terraced rice fields in the season! Also, the Yasok Village homestay tour in Nepal takes you to one of the best Mountain road journeys in Nepal… it takes your breath away when you pass through the different hills with mystical weather conditions!

So, the perfect blend of natural beauty and finest local cultures of welcoming people in the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga, makes appealing to visit Yasok Village Homestay for you to mark another once in a life time journey!

Yasok Village Attractions and Activities

Yasok Village Visit

Phidim Town Visit

Famous Temples

Limbu People & Cultures

Scenic Mountain Roads

Tea Gardens on the Way

Package Duration & Cost

Yasok Village Homestay Tour Package is available from Minimum 5 days - 8 days Maximum. Our Packages are always customizable with your tour / travel requirements! Regarding the Package costs; it depends on group size, duration of the trips, transportation mode (Flights / Private Vehicles / Tourist Bus), activities etc.

In order to Book Yasok Village Homestay Tour Package please always feels free to Contact Us for any Questions!