Gufa Pokhari Home Stay Trekking

Best for Panoramic Mountain Views on Nepal’s Rhododendron Capital Trail.

Gufa Pokhari is a small but very beautiful mountain lake on the lap of the Himalayas, located in Eastern Nepal at an altitude of 3200 Meters from sea level. Gufa Pokhari is a place which is decorated with superb natural resources along with diverse flora and fauna; it is very famous for its beautiful views of Mountain Panorama from where you can see many of the Mountains of the Great Himalayan Trail in a panoramic views! Also, the hilly landscape of the Gufa Pokhari with its all year round cool weather makes this destination perfect for anyone those whose seeks Mountain Homestay, Sherpa Village and Cultural experience in Nepal!

Gufa Pokhari homestay trekking provides you to see how the rural typical life styles in Nepal; on the way you will see many small villages with different ethical cultures, people using Yaks & horses to carry things for small Mountain villages can be interesting things for you to see! Also, Gufa Pokhari is reached by passing the Nepal’s Rhododendron Capital; where you can see many species of Rhododendron blossom in the season! The natures and cultures of Gufa Pokhari are very distinct from any other areas in Nepal, so we welcome you to visit Gufa Pokhari Homestay Trekking and enjoy the real experience of Home stay in Nepal.

Gufa Pokhari Attractions and Activities

Tongba Town of Hile

Rhododendron Forest

Mt. Makalu (5th Highest)

Sherpa Village & Cultures

Mountain Motors

Awesome Panorama

Package Duration & Cost

Gufa Pokhari Homestay Trekking Package is available from Minimum 5 days - 7 days Maximum. Our Packages are always customizable with your tour / travel requirements! Regarding the Package costs; it depends on group size, duration of the trips, transportation mode (Flights / Private Vehicles / Tourist Bus), activities etc.

In order to Book Gufa Pokhari Homestay Trekking Package please always feels free to Contact Us for any questions!